BK31011 - Toaletă publică Art Relic Basic, cu bază Dreptunghiulară, dotat cu comenzile de bază.

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Street furniture style automatic public toilet suitable for persons with reduced mobility; fitted with PROFESSIONAL PLUS equipment.

Stainless steel structure with rock wool insulation, sandwich structured plate and fibreglass-reinforced polyester roof.
The toilet consists of a user area with vandal-proof stainless steel equipment and a service space with fittings that ensure control and operation. 
The toilet unit design has two alternative layouts: rectangular and piano-shaped. The external surface and the roof come in two default colour: green (RAL6028) and ivory (RAL1015). If required, a decorative film of harmonising colour is added. The film enhances aesthetic appearance while protecting the surface from damage.

Users pay the usage fee (pre-defined by the operator and displayed on a monitor in the front) with an intelligent coin validator installed in an entry module placed in the front section of the toilet unit. The system is suitable for the identification of up to 16 coin types. The currency is predefined; the use of coins of various currencies is possible.
Users insert the required amount in coins and then enter the user area through an automatic sliding door; the user area is fitted with vandal-proof stainless steel equipment.
The payment process can be cancelled. In such cases the user pushes a button on the front to get the inserted coins back. In case of free-of-charge use, the same push button is used to open the door.

The user area is designed to ensure the comfort of persons with reduced mobility. The handwash unit and the toilet bowl are easily accessible with a wheelchair.
The flushing of the toilet bowl and the handwash unit is activated by the user's hand approaching a proximity sensor.
After use, the automatic sliding door is opened with a push button. The system is fitted with a presence detection function. It detects use that is longer than the predefined maximum period (20 minutes), unauthorised presence or when the user feels unwell. To ensure the safety of users, each unit is equipped with an emergency push button and a mechanical emergency opener.

The user area is fitted with the equipment specified below:
- Stainless WC module for persons with reduced mobility
- Stainless steel handwash module
- Stainless steel fixed and collapsible handrails
- Stainless steel toilet paper dispenser
- Opening for waste (waste container emptied from service area)
- Lamp module with presence detector and LED light source
- Stainless steel mirror with electro-polished surface

The toilet unit is equipped with a WC washing unit (not available for the piano-shaped layout) and with a floor washing system. These units perform the washing of the toilet bowl and the floor of the user area after use.
During the washing cycle, the toilet unit is out of use. 

All equipment required for the operation of the toilet unit is located in the service space. The operation parameters (e.g. usage fee, exchange rate, opening hours, telephone numbers) and operation modes (normal use, free-of-charge use, maintenance, closed) are set in the service space. 
The operation of the floor, roof and threshold heating, the blow heater and the cable heating system are also controlled from the service space. 
The system is fitted with a communication module capable of sending event and status reports to the operator. If the system is fitted with an adequate SIM card and contact telephone numbers are set the system can send information by SMS on, among others, frost risk, power outage, water outage, clogging, emergency calls, alarm activation and deactivation from the service area and events when a user feels unwell. With a SIM card suitable for Internet access, the status and event logs of the toilet units can be monitored, via a browser, on tablets and smartphones running the WC-Guide System. 
The camera module records any movement at the user and service door as well as the person standing in front of the coin validator.

Optional fixtures (not included in the quoted price):
- Baby changing facility in user area
- Personalised photo film on the external surface of the unit
- Preparations for the installation of an advertisement board (CityLight)
- Camera module

For further information, please consult our leaflet and the descriptions referred to above.

Cere Oferta

b&k services and trading ltd.

Cere Oferta


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